Submission Guidelines
and Agreement

When you submit questions, comments, or photographs to, they may appear on the website.

The text of your submission must be original (not copied from anybody else) and not infringe on anybody else's copyright.

If you submit a photograph, it must be an original photograph taken by you or someone you know personally, and it must be declared by the photographer to be in the Public Domain. That means that you and the photographer give up all rights to the photo, and anybody can use it for any purposes without paying you.

Comments and questions are welcome. Comments should be accurate, true, in good taste, nonthreatening, and legal. Do not use HTML or "all caps" in what you write. Submissions should not contain promotions, advertisements, web addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers. reserves the right to reject any submission without notice, and edit or delete any parts that violate the policy above, including the right to ban offenders from submitting again. Submissions may be edited for brevity or clarity.

Do not submit unless you agree to the following:

My submission signifies agreement to the above and that I agree to grant an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual license to publicly display my submission on this website only. I also grant the right to pursue legal action against anyone who copies the text of my submission.

Feel free to submit information or photos to this website, but please be sure to read and agree to these submission guidelines first!