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My name is Murray and I run this website. Please contact me using the form below if you have questions or requests relating to

I belong to a group of English teachers that live in China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. My wife and I have lived in China since 1991, except for four years back in Canada. You may notice my Canadian spelling on the webpages, eh?

Among the many reasons why China has a special place in our hearts is the fact that we adopted a Chinese baby here in 1996, my daughter Emily. (She does appear, more than once, on this site.)

My friends and I have many photographs of life in Asia, but few people were seeing them. That seemed to be a waste. I figured that others would appreciate them too so I asked people in my group to donate their Asia pictures for use on this website.

But there are a zillion websites with pictures of Asia. Why start another? Three reasons:

(1) All of the pictures here (but not the text) are public domain. Use them as you want. I have reduced the file size so the pages load reasonably fast, but the resolution should still be fine for school projects and things like that.

(2) Pictures of Asia taken by visitors focus on (groan) different things. The pictures you see here include facets of Asian life that tourists rarely notice or get the chance to see.

(3) The Asia pictures on these webpages come with commentary and stories from my friends and me. We hope that our insider comments on the photographs will help you to appreciate more the part of the world that is our second home.

Feel free to contact me and tell me what you'd like to see on this website. I keep adding new sets of photos, though more slowly at busy times like when I'm doing end-of-term grading. Which picture set is added next depends on my whims and your comments.

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If you want to see more public domain photographs from a certain place in China or other parts of Asia, you can make your request using the form on this page.